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Directors & Management

Who We Are


Albert Teo Kin Hua

Chairman/Managing Director

Albert co-founded Gleason Advertising Pte Ltd together with his brothers, Raymond and Charlie. He has more than 28 years of signage and display systems experience, working extremely hard during the initial years to build up the then fledgling business. His financial prudence and business acumen provided the solid foundation from which the Group’s businesses grew. As Chairman of the Board of Directors, Albert is primarily responsible for the overall management co-ordination, corporate strategic direction, management policies and in ensuring good corporate governance throughout the organisation.

He holds a professional certification from the Institute of Financial Accountants (UK). Albert is a member of the Singapore Accountancy Academy , Certified Financial Accountants of Singapore and a fellow member of the Singapore Institute of Management.

Albert Teo is a proud recipient of 2010 Successful Entrepreneur (Platinum Catergory) award.

Raymond Teo Kim Huat

Vice Chairman/Deputy Managing Director

Co-founder Raymond Teo has accumulated 30 years of industry experience – all aspects of design, research and development, manufacturing and installation. Over the last two decades, he is not only responsible for the design and development of numerous systems based on modularity and interchangeable concepts but custom-designs for clients who require value-added solutions with high aesthetic standard and yet functional for their specific purposes. With his ingenuity and creativity, he has 12 worldwide patents to his credit, not to mention several design awards for achieving breakthrough products that have uplifted operating standards in the otherwise handicraft-based signage industry. 

Raymond has good leadership and management skills enabling him to work closely with sales and marketing personnel. He built up strong staff rapport and motivates and develops people through his enthusiasm and optimism. Raymond actively promotes change and continues to respond aggressively to customers’ demand by widening our product range through innovation and improvement in product features - our relentless effort in research and capital investment.

Raymond is also the proud recipient of 2010 Successful Entrepreneur (Platinum Catergory) award.


Charlie Teo Kim Guan


A co-founder, Charlie Teo has accumulated more than 25 years of industry experience. He pioneered the innovative concept idea of marrying the skills set of the renovation/furniture manufacturing with that of traditional sign making. It was this strategic and tactical move that set forth the growth path of the Group during the early years.


Apart from being creative, he has entrepreneurial spirit and often plunges into domains where none dares to venture. He is well respected for the creative and innovative solutions offered to clients/customers that are both practical and cost effective. Some of the highly acclaimed projects driven by Charlie are the well acknowledged military models developed for museum exhibition, wax replica of historical ornaments, realistic lighting and sound simulation effects for the heritage museum, just to name a few.

Teo Mao Cheng


A founder of Technofied Vision Pte Ltd, Mao Cheng is a trained and qualified business professional well equipped to help the Group track and keep abreast of emerging IT and digital trends for the industry. He first started his IT entrepreneurial venture when he was 15 years old and has since acquired extensive competency not only in the Info-communication sector but across multiple industries as well. In addition, Mr Teo is fully responsible to manage the IT business unit as a strategic platform to add economic value to the Group.

Mao Cheng graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (Merit). He holds a Diploma in Accounting and Finance awarded by Temasek Polytechnic and is also an Associate Financial Accountant certified by the Institute of Financial Accountant (IFA-UK). A keen aviation enthusiast, Mao Cheng is a qualified pilot holding a valid Private Pilot License issued by CAAS.


Teo Min Min

Business Manager

Min Min joined the Gleason Group in early 2010 undertook the role of assisting Executive Director of Gleason, Albert Teo, in overseeing Business operations as well as corporate Development and Direction. Her responsibilities include oversight of the Business and Administrative procedures with the aim of streamlining the business unites of Gleason to maintain our strong brand presence in the signage and display industry.

A graduate from the Singapore Management University with a Bachelors in Business Management Cum Laude with a double major in Marketing and Finance, Min Min also holds a Diploma in Business Studies Majoring in Finance from Temasek Polytechnic.


In addition to her responsibilities at Gleason, Min Min is one of the Co-Founders and Directors of Mosaic Communications & Research Pte Ltd which specializes in Integrated Marketing Communications and Research. Prior to that, her appointment as Senior Business Manager of an intern at ion qualitative research company had her responsible for the consumer research of several key international and local accounts ranging from the telecommunications, automotive, theme park, tertiary, retail and F&B industry.

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